Classic Lash Extensions

Instantly fuller lashes without mascara, try lash extensions! One extension is applied to each lash, creating longer, fuller and darker lashes! Extensions are black, but come in many different colors including 3 colors of natural brown, and a rainbow of bright ones including pink, purple, green, blue and sparkle lashes in all of these colors and more. The appointment generally runs approximately 3 hours.

Lash Extension Fill (50%+ lashes remaining)

Lash extensions require a fill every 3 weeks. Grown/falling out lash extensions are removed, lash extensions are re-applied to bare lashes, and entire set is tidied as well as cleaned and checked for lash health. Appointment is approximately 2-2.5 hours.

2 Week Fill Option (Or 60%+ lashes remaining)

Come in every two weeks to keep your lashes extra full!

Lash Lift

Curl and the appearance of volume without extensions! Are you looking for drama without the upkeep of extensions? The lash lift curls lashes upwards, lifting them in the process. This creates fuller-looking, longer and curlier lashes that lasts approximately 8-10 weeks. Price is the same each lift.

*NO MASCARA, sealant applied after lift

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